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Reviewed By:
Lyn McDonald
Aug 22, 2016
"Verbiage for card was not taken down correctly, so had to call back to have it corrected. Arrangement was not delivered in good shape. According to the recipient, they had to repot all the plants, as they were just laying on top of the dirt in the vase; the decorative rocks were on the bottom. We suspect the arrangement may have tipped over in the delivery vehicle. I sent an email to Kikos about the arrangement not being delivered in good shape on Thurs., Aug. 18, and have not received any kind of response to this issue."
Reviewed By:
Sue maitzen
Jun 19, 2014
"These flowers are lovely, but I ordered and was told....that they were to be ORANGE. I do not care for....and have always specified "no red" roses. Thank you. Sue"
Reviewed By:
Mary Diane Anderson
Apr 20, 2014
"While I felt the arrangement contained enough flowers for the deluxe version, I did not feel it looked like the photo, not contain the flowers I was told it would. In addition, I felt when I spoke to the shop to express my disappointment immediately upon receiving the photo email, that the entire call was spent defending the arrangement made, as opposed to trying to make the customer feel satisfied. I order exclusively from your shop for my out of state flowers on all major holidays, and expected better customer service."