Reviews of Local Florists By City

American Fork, UT

American Fork Flower Patch ★★★★★ 655 reviews, Read All
"Love getting the picture!"

Aventura, FL

Miami Gardens Florist ★★★★★ 491 reviews, Read All
"I was very happy that they took my order last minute and delivered it on time. The photo is a great addition so I can see and get an appreciation of the final product."

Bountiful, UT

Bountiful Flower Patch ★★★★★ 1377 reviews, Read All
"Looks great!"

Brownsburg, IN

Brownsburg Flower Shop ★★★★★ 5 reviews, Read All
"Just as ordered!"

Chelsea, MA

Salvy the Florist and Val's of Chelsea ★★★★★ 50 reviews, Read All
"Very nice, this is why I keep using you!! Thank you:)"

Chicago, IL

Ashland Addison Florist Co. ★★★★★ 8874 reviews, Read All
"Once again you did an amazing job."

Chicago, IL

Donna's Garden Flower Shop ★★★★★ 158 reviews, Read All
"Very beautiful. Thank you very much."

Columbus, OH

Carriage House of Flowers ★★★★★ 95 reviews, Read All
"Beautiful and I love getting the photo especially since I am out of town."

Corvallis, OR

Expressions In Bloom ★★★★★ 930 reviews, Read All
"The picture is nice and looks beautiful and since the flowers were delivered - they look great on my green wall!"

Dallas, TX

McShan Florist ★★★★★ 20372 reviews, Read All
"Wonderful service! Flowers beautiful and everything delivered on timr"

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Flowers of Fort Lauderdale ★★★★★ 87 reviews, Read All
"Thank you so much for quickly working to put a one-of-a-kind piece together for our one-of-a-kind friend in such short notice. You really delivered and we're very happy you could help make this happen during this time for us. You were a pleasure to work with."

Gurnee, IL

Balmes Flowers Gurnee ★★★★★ 597 reviews, Read All
"They look beautiful. Thank you"

Houston, TX

Breen's Florist ★★★★★ 1992 reviews, Read All
"My wife loved the bouquet. Thanks for the delivery."

Jenks, OK

Rathbone's Flair Flowers of Tulsa ★★★★★ 69 reviews, Read All
"Thanks for sending a picture of the arrangement, I really appreciate being able to see the final product. They are gorgeous!"

Jupiter, FL

Driftwood Florist ★★★★★ 601 reviews, Read All
"The usual........ PERFECT"

Jupiter, FL

Flowermart ★★★★★ 668 reviews, Read All
"Beautiful arrangement for 106 yr old BD n Easy people to work with."

Larchmont, NY

The Flower Bar ★★★★★ 62 reviews, Read All
"Flowers were very nice. For the $$ would have expected a larger arrangement."

Lima, OH

The Flowerloft ★★★★ 8 reviews, Read All
"I have been a very long time customer of yours and have always been very satisfied. However, this funeral bouquet was very unpleasing for the amount I spent. I was shocked when I saw them at the funeral. I actually felt embarresed at the size. Come on- So at this point I am not sure I will be back."

Lynn, MA

Salvy the Florist ★★★★★ 5154 reviews, Read All
"Absolutely perfect and beautiful. Recipient loved them. Keep up the great job. This is why I never go anywhere but Salvy Thanks again TH"

Madison, NJ

J & M Home and Garden, Floral and Event ★★★★★ 11 reviews, Read All
"The customer seervice was great. Sent a picture of what was being sent to preview, nice idea, now when the reeipent calls to thank you, you will know what was sent. "

Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach Flowers ★★★★★ 31 reviews, Read All
"I was very happy with the service, the arrangement was beautiful as well. Greatly appreciated the photo of the arrangement. Thank you for your professioal service as this was my first time using your service. I will use your service again and recommend you to friends."

Millbury, MA

Floral Elegance ★★★★★ 509 reviews, Read All
"Wow, they're beautiful! Thank you!"

Naugatuck, CT

Terri's Flower Shop ★★★★★ 478 reviews, Read All
"The salesperson was very helpful when I called but didn't know what I wanted and was on a budget. She made some suggestions, and it turned out way prettier than I imagined. Definately got my money's worth, and the service was wonderful. Thank you!"

New York, NY

Floral Strategies ★★★★ 4 reviews, Read All
"beer was warm"

Newton Centre, MA

Bloomsbury Park Flowers ★★★★★ 384 reviews, Read All
"What a wonderful arrangement The salesperson was very helpful. "

Ogden, UT

Ogden Flower Patch ★★★★★ 593 reviews, Read All
"Absolutely the BEST CUSTOMER Service!! And great flowers..."

Park Ridge, IL

Kiko's Flower and Gifts ★★★★★ 277 reviews, Read All
"Simply gorgeous and unique!"

Provo, UT

Provo Flower Patch ★★★★★ 1152 reviews, Read All
"I wasn't impressed with the arrangement it costed $70. It looks more like a $40 arrangement."

Roanoke, VA

George's Flowers ★★★★★ 5092 reviews, Read All
"Loved them!"

Rock Springs, WY

Owlfie's Flowers and Gifts ★★★★★ 683 reviews, Read All
"Thanks so much for the amazing arrangement."

Salt Lake City, UT

Flower Patch ★★★★★ 7100 reviews, Read All
"The flowers were breathtakingly beautiful."

San Antonio, TX

Spring Garden Flower Shop ★★★★★ 668 reviews, Read All
"Just wonderful! Great and super idea to let us know Thanks!"

Seguin, TX

Dietz Flower Shop & Tuxedo Rental ★★★★★ 104 reviews, Read All
"Dietz Flower Shop has always given me great customer service and every arrangement I've bought has been great. Thanks!"

Staten Island, NY

Moravian Florist, Gifts and Home Accents ★★★★★ 292 reviews, Read All
"Absolutely beautiful as always! You never disappoint."

Sugar Land, TX

House of Blooms ★★★★★ 920 reviews, Read All
"Beautiful work and great communication. Thank you!"

Temple, TX

Precious Memories Florist and Gift Shop ★★★★★ 221 reviews, Read All
"Taking a picture of the arrangement is a great idea. Thank you for the flowers and keeping me updated on the process."

Toronto, Ontario

eco|stems ★★★★★ 2 reviews, Read All
"Great service and I love the flower arrangement."

Vienna, VA

Karin's Florist ★★★★★ 1694 reviews, Read All
"How many SunFlowers? Very nice arrangement.LM"

Waterford, CT

Hoelck's Florist and Bouquets of Fruit ★★★★★ 1088 reviews, Read All
"I specifically asked for no roses in the bouquet had roses in it."

West Roxbury, MA

Davis & Sawin Florist 0 reviews, Read All

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By: Erin
Date: Sep 21, 2017
"Love that they send a picture of the flowers you order!"

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