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See What You Send™ is an online florist review site where consumers read reviews from customers who bought flowers from a local florist. Florist reviews on See What You Send™ come from customers who get to see a photo of the arrangement they send and then give a review. The best local florists use the See What You Send™ mobile app to provide reliable reviews that you can trust.

Customer Reviews of Local Florists


Bentonville, Flowerama
★★★★★ 41 reviews, Read All


Naugatuck, Terri's Flower Shop
★★★★★ 512 reviews, Read All


Jupiter, Driftwood Florist
★★★★★ 785 reviews, Read All
Jupiter, Flowermart
★★★★★ 974 reviews, Read All
Aventura, Miami Gardens Florist
★★★★★ 627 reviews, Read All


Chicago, Ashland Addison Florist Co.
★★★★★ 10457 reviews, Read All
Gurnee, Balmes Flowers Gurnee
★★★★★ 650 reviews, Read All
Chicago, Donna's Garden Flower Shop
★★★★★ 177 reviews, Read All
Park Ridge, Kiko's Flower and Gifts
★★★★★ 313 reviews, Read All


Brownsburg, Brownsburg Flower Shop
★★★★★ 5 reviews, Read All


Newton Centre, Bloomsbury Park Flowers
★★★★★ 384 reviews, Read All
Millbury, Floral Elegance
★★★★★ 516 reviews, Read All
Lynn, Salvy the Florist
★★★★★ 5683 reviews, Read All

New Jersey

New York

New York, Big Apple Florist
★★★★★ 1 reviews, Read All
New York, Floral Strategies
★★★★★ 2 reviews, Read All
Larchmont, The Flower Bar
★★★★★ 160 reviews, Read All


Columbus, Carriage House of Flowers
★★★★★ 101 reviews, Read All
Lima, The Flowerloft
★★★★★ 14 reviews, Read All


Jenks, Rathbone's Flair Flowers of Tulsa
★★★★★ 190 reviews, Read All


Toronto, eco|stems
★★★★★ 115 reviews, Read All


Corvallis, Expressions In Bloom
★★★★★ 1151 reviews, Read All


Houston, Breen's Florist
★★★★★ 2967 reviews, Read All
Sugar Land, House of Blooms
★★★★★ 1130 reviews, Read All
Dallas, McShan Florist
★★★★★ 24015 reviews, Read All
San Antonio, Spring Garden Flower Shop
★★★★★ 934 reviews, Read All
Abilene, The Arrangement
★★★★★ 2 reviews, Read All


Bountiful, Bountiful Flower Patch
★★★★★ 1737 reviews, Read All
Salt Lake City, Flower Patch
★★★★★ 8669 reviews, Read All
Ogden, Ogden Flower Patch
★★★★★ 789 reviews, Read All
Provo, Provo Flower Patch
★★★★★ 1425 reviews, Read All


Virginia Beach, Fairfield Flowers
★★★★★ 7 reviews, Read All
Roanoke, George's Flowers
★★★★★ 6376 reviews, Read All
Vienna, Karin's Florist
★★★★★ 2455 reviews, Read All
Radford, Radford City Florist
★★★★★ 241 reviews, Read All


Silverdale, Williams Flower and Gift
★★★★★ 4 reviews, Read All

Review Of The Day

By: William Leyendecker
Date: Mar 14, 2018
"Highly satisfied customer, I have been able to share a very special event with my family this week with the arrival of my daughter. I wanted to have a big arrangement on door showing how special this event was, I called 8 florists with no success or even the effort to try and service my need. I called Clear Lake and spoke with Kyle He was very polite and genuine when it came to listening to my need and working with staff to make it happen. He not only took a last minute order but exceeded expectation and time of delivery. The delivery driver was also extremely friendly. In a market place where it seems these employees are in short supply you should feel proud to have Kyle answering the phone and taking care of your business. We have many pics of arrangement and I am sure it is out there many times over. Great Job! Thank you for making the celebration even sweeter."

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