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See What You Send™ is an online florist review site where consumers read reviews from customers who bought flowers from a local florist. Florist reviews on See What You Send™ come from customers who get to see a photo of the arrangement they send and then give a review. The best local florists use the See What You Send™ mobile app to provide reliable reviews that you can trust.

Customer Reviews of Local Florists


Hesperia, Fairy Tales Flowers
★★★★★ 141 reviews, Read All


Naugatuck, Terri's Flower Shop
★★★★★ 915 reviews, Read All


Palm Beach Gardens, Flower Kingdom
★★★★★ 10087 reviews, Read All


Lynn, Salvy the Florist
★★★★★ 13051 reviews, Read All

New Hampshire

New York


Jenks, Rathbone's Flair Flowers of Tulsa
★★★★★ 526 reviews, Read All


Corvallis, Expressions In Bloom
★★★★★ 3112 reviews, Read All


Fort Worth, Bice's Florist
★★★★★ 385 reviews, Read All


Houston, Breen's Florist
★★★★★ 15091 reviews, Read All
Fort Worth, Gordon Boswell Flowers
★★★★★ 2943 reviews, Read All
Sugar Land, House of Blooms
★★★★★ 4202 reviews, Read All
Dallas, McShan Florist
★★★★★ 55410 reviews, Read All
San Antonio, Spring Garden Flower Shop
★★★★★ 1405 reviews, Read All


American Fork, American Fork Flower Patch
★★★★★ 2942 reviews, Read All
Bountiful, Bountiful Flower Patch
★★★★★ 6389 reviews, Read All
Salt Lake City, Flower Patch
★★★★★ 26004 reviews, Read All
Provo, Provo Flower Patch
★★★★★ 4613 reviews, Read All


Roanoke, George's Flowers
★★★★★ 18218 reviews, Read All
Vienna, Karin's Florist
★★★★★ 8228 reviews, Read All

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